Writing Articles For Money - Totally Dominate Your Niche

So few people understand how writing articles for money can generate a tremendous income online. More importantly the article strategies below will keep you ranked on the first page of Google for many of your keywords giving you leads and income for years to come.

Writing Your Article For Money

Your first goal is to write a correct article that is specific to a keyword that has about 1,000 -2,000 searches per month in the Googlekeywordtool.com. Be sure you are in phrase, not exact or broad. Now go to Google.com and place one of the keywords that fits the above and let's find out how much competition there is for that keyword.

Place one of your keywords in the Google toolbar in quotation marks. Another words if your keyword is article writing you would place it in the search bar like this "article writing". This will give you a much truer number of competition.

If that number is below 200,000 you should be in good shape but I like to look at the first three on page one for that specific keyword and look at their page rank. You can see this with a free toolbar called SEOtoolbar, just do a search.

Linking Your Article

You need to link the two links within the resource box to a specific URL on your blog. Yes you want to make sure the blog post is another keyword within the same niche. So if you are working within the niche of article writing your blog post might have a keyword of article writing tips.

Writing articles for money is not difficult when you are getting ranked on page one of Google. You might have to write a couple of articles for your blog post. I like to get page one with my blog post instead of EzineArticles.com. I then write the ezines with other keywords you have researched within the same niche that link to your blog post.

Article Syndication

Now the most important step. Let's back up for just a moment to be sure you understand what we are doing. You have page one on Google with a keyword, now it's time to dominate that niche. So, if article writing is our niche we want page one in Google for 20 plus keywords.

This will happen by using other keywords within your niche that you write and submit to EzineArticles.com. Now Google sees you as an expert because you have many keywords within that niche that you are targeting.

Within 45 days Google will start placing your blog post on keywords you never though of within the specific niche you are working.

We must though syndicate your blog post and your articles. Be sure you download the OnlyWire bookmark and share button onto your computer. This will allow you to click a button when you are on the specific page for your blog post or published ezine article and syndicate to over 30 of the strongest websites and blogs in the world.

You now have additional traffic, leads and backlinks which Google will love.

Now go to Facebook and place the link from your blog post and published ezine article and place those links in at least five groups each. Do the same with twitter with all your published content.

This is some of the strongest information you will learn when writing articles for money. You will dominate your keywords and your niche with Google.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joseph_Musumeci

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