Niche Keyword Selection: How to Brainstorm

Selection of the most often-searched keywords is not necessarily the best option for SEO or PPC campaigns. Instead, it is significant to brainstorm niche keywords pertinent to your business. The most crucial undertaking of any online marketing campaign, be it either through the organic listings with applying SEO and link-building techniques or through PPC listings or with applying both, is keyword research.

Making selection of niche keywords for an online marketing campaign would be easier when you can avoid preferring the most highly searched keywords. Many companies tend to make a mistake by going for the broad or generic keywords related to their business instead of choosing targeted and specific keywords that are more precisely relevant to their business. Consider an example in this context. When a business deals in outdoor furniture building such as building and shipping of pergolas, gazebos, etc., that business should select keywords like 'outdoor furniture building' in place of 'furniture'. The later one will be too broad and highly competitive. So, brainstorm to get at the right keyword for a search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaign.

While attempting to fix keywords for your online business, remember that performing keyword research is more an art than a science. However, different experts opine differently in this regard, but all of them utter in unison while they say that a good keyword phrase is one which has a lot of web visitors searching for it, and not a competing web pages turning up in search engine results pages (SERP). Following are the suggested steps to help webmasters to pick out the niche keyword phrases.

Prepare a List of Keywords:

Keyword tools are undoubtedly important and their help is unavoidable. However, all those tools know your business better than you. The compulsory task at the very beginning you need to take up is to convene a meeting to discuss your products and services. It will be a brainstorming session where you need to keep on talking on the business. Place yourselves in the position of web visitors and think about what you would search for to find out your business on the web. While discussing, continue to note down 'important phrases' which were being used by the participants. Those important phrases need to be precisely relevant to your business. In the end of the discussion, weed out those phrases that are too broad. Remember that the process of weeding out of the generic keywords from the list should be based on the extent of your SEO or PPC campaign.

Choice of Specific Keyword Phrases:

Choose keywords keeping in mind the web visitors, who tend to use broad and specific keyword phrases. Minimize the numbers of broad or generic phrases to the utmost. Add them within the phrase instead. This will help draw your target web page on the top of search engine pages.

Avoid Selecting Highly Competitive Keywords:

Some experts may differ in this context. But, remember that highly searched phrases have high competition. For a small online business or for a beginner, it will be hard for them to compete for high-traffic phrases with large and established companies.

Say No to Broad Keyword Phrase:

If you aim to increase the volume of web traffic, then you can use broad or generic keyword phrases. But, at the same time, you have to remember that large volume of web traffic may scarcely be your potential buyers. True conversion rates may remain quite lower.

On whittling away your keyword list to include only 2-to-4-word phrases which are specifically relevant to your business, you can then go into keyword research tool and start plugging in. Look to add those keywords which have the best count-to-competition ratio. Experts are unanimous with regard to the fact that says the ideal keywords are those which have fewer sites competing for them and searched more often. Foundation of a successful online business stands on the intelligent selection of niche keywords.

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