Selecting Niche Keywords For SEO

Online market entrepreneurs are always aiming to find markets together with strong demand and also low competition. The choice of niche keywords is often a critical aspect of helping to realize strong rankings in search engines like Google or Yahoo. An excellent approach to generating mass interest in a very particular blog or website without spending a large amount of money is article marketing. In article marketing you generate articles which integrate niche keywords or phrases.

For assistance in finding and identifying good specific niche keywords in our market, we can utilize a range of tools. One in the best is the Google AdWords keyword tool. It has absolutely zero cost and provides numerous good niche keywords to take into consideration. It also provides a lengthy prospect list of keyword phrases we may not of thought of ourselves. The search volume is displayed in a graph showing the relative competition for each keyword. Using this tool can help us to view and choose the best niche keywords to work with. One specific strategy to make money is to develop niche websites online.

You should be developing topic based websites, niche videos and articles according to these niche keywords. Exactly, what should be the niche strategy you utilize to encompass and take action on most of this? I would recommend a niche WordPress blog.

There are a couple major things to consider and take into account as you put together your niche blog. One, the niche keywords need to have considerable traffic sweeping toward them...a minimum of 10,000 search results per 30 days is necessary. And two, it's essential to have an autoresponder-enabled form inserted in the top part of the website home page making sure that visitors who wish to opt-in can become added onto your list. Most of your sales you can do through the subscriber lists because your visitors will then have a relationship with you. You will be developing trust that will turn into money for the advice that your prescribing.

In determining niche keywords it is important to factor in the Google page rank for the top 10 spots on the Google search engine for the key phrases you are thinking of targeting. Page rank is a number given by Google to web pages based on their opinion and analysis of the page content. Page rank varies from a page rank of 0(PR0) to a page rank of 10 (PR10). Site ranked "PR10" are considered the best and most relevant in the eyes of Google. So, if your niche keywords had websites in the top 10 search engine results with a high Google PageRank you may want to think twice. On the other hand, if the search reveals website results with top 10 sites having a low PageRank of such as 0 or 1, then this is a more penetrable niche. With quality content, links, and patience you will most likely be able to achieve a ranking overtime that will bring you up higher in the search engine results.

Again, search engine results is what it is all about and it all starts with selecting the right niche keywords.

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